Hi there, I hope you are feeling okay. If you aren't, that's alright too. This too, like everything else shall pass. I know it is a tough time, and it is not like the worst is over. I know there is a lot of pain and suffering in the world right now, and my heart sends love to everyone who is in that boat. However, at the same time, it feels like there is something much larger at work here. I've always wondered what the world would like on pause, and this is the closest to that situation, that we've ever witnessed. By design, we're all being forced to slow down, take a pause, be with our hearts, be with our loved ones, discover new routines and a lot more. Nature is showing her beautiful self in many spaces that have been left untouched. People all around the world are reaching out to each other in solidarity. If there was a compassion tracker on the world, I'd safely say that levels of compassion are going up. If we are able to get past the toughness of this (and I acknowledge that it is not always easy) and reach the stillness, perhaps we'll find that there is a lot of wisdom to be attained from this phase. "The wound is where the light comes in" - Rumi. I pray that the light emerging in this phase is here to stay. I hope all of you are okay. Know that whatever you are feeling is okay. And know that there are so many of us out there who care and are sending you peaceful vibes. With all of my love, a friend <3

Fri Mar 27 2020 16:06:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)